Tithes & Offerings


We at Divine Exchange Ministry believe in putting God first in every area of our lives, including our finances.

The Bible asks us to give out first and our best back to God and He will bless the rest (Leviticus 27:30; Deuteronomy 14:23).  This first is the tithe, or “tenth” of our income.  We return to the Lord 10% of what He’s given us, because it belongs to Him.  The tithe is a very practical and tangible way to put God first.

If you are not tithing already, we challenge you to ask God to stir you to begin giving back to Him what He’s entrusted you with.


The giving of offerings is above the giving of tithes.  You can direct your offering to a ministry that blesses your heart.

Recurring and Online Gifts

If you would like to set up a recurring donation, you can set it up by clicking the Online Giving Button below.  Recurring donations can be of any amount, no matter how big or small and all gifts are tax-deductible.

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