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Five Words Express Our Mission...


Your Purpose Matters!


We are NOT here to impress GOD, or others.  We are NOT here to be dazzled, by talent or techniques or tricks or personalities.  We are NOT here to measure ourselves. To make comparisons to make excuses to succumb to facility envy or GADGET LUST.  We are NOT here to create, recreate, rewrite, or reinvent the GOSPEL.  We are here to ECHO it.  We are here to SURRENDER our gifts to and our creativity to the CREATOR.  We are here to share are HEARTS our VISION, our LIVES and OUR creative callings.  We are here to GROW in KNOWLEDGE, GROW in WISDOM, GROW in PERSPECTIVE, and GROW in LOVE.  WE ARE HERE TO echo with our LIVES,  with our PASSION,  with our DREAMS, with the WORK OF OUR HANDS, because WE ARE THE WORK OF HIS HANDS.    WE ARE HERE TO ECHO! 

Become a Purpose of Change!

Our prayer is for you to experience the Unconditional Love of The Power Greater Than Self… The Power of All Grace, Goodness, and Greatness!  

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to correlate, cultivate, and collaborate with faith/community based and other organizations to develop and implement faith/science based prevention, intervention, and educational services to at-risk youth, adults, and families in the Atlanta, GA and Washington, D.C. Metropolitan areas and beyond.


  • Demonstrate the efficacy of faith/science based collaboration, competency, and spiritual health through prevention, education, and recovery programming for youth, adults, and families struggling with life controlling challenges.
  • Embrace, Edify, Encourage, Educate, and Empower the spiritual, mental, emotional, social, and academic development of youth, adults, and families.


  • Engage youth and adults in a rites-of-passage faith/science based didactic on conceptualizing self/spiritual awareness, behavior modification, peer-to-peer leadership, train-the-trainer, and improve academic performance.
  • Reduce the onset of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) use and or maladaptive behaviors by the implementation of youth and adult faith/science based didactics.
  • Measure knowledge and behavior changes toward illicit drug use and other maladaptive behavior as a baseline and evaluation outcome.

The Vision

We ENVISION developing a national and international long-term residential spiritual wellness prevention and treatment center. Coordinating and collaborating with faith/community based and other organizations to actively train and participate in community efforts to: Rebuild, Restore, and Reconcile the lives of people.

As a faith-based organization that has embraced deliverance and freedom, the Divine Exchange continues to move under the direction and through the Power of God. Being fixed in our Faith, focused on pursuing our Divine Destiny, and standing firm on our Divine Promises, it is our purpose to Know Christ and to Make Him Known!

  • There Is A War Going On!  It’s A Fight To Get Back In Our Right Positions With God!
  • Know That God Desires To Do A Divine Exchange In Every Area Of Your Life!

Meet Our Founders

Gary and Canzada Twyman

Pastors Gary & Canzada Twyman, are a strong anointed couple jointly placed together by the Spirit of the Living God in April of 2006.  Both have agreed to walk together in unity, and in harmony, as instruments of His Glory… ‘Partners for Life’.  This compassionate and committed husband and wife team are True Servants of the Lord.  They are the proud parents and grandparents of two adult children and four grandchildren.  Both have a host of biological and spiritual siblings that continuously hovers them with love and support, and the Pastor’s firmly believe that they are gifts from God.  The couple has received their call into the office of Pastoral-ship and continues to thoroughly prepare themselves both spiritually and academically.  They both are in Love with the Lord and have made Him Lord of their lives.

Pastor Gary is the Chief Executive Officer and Pastor Canzada is the Founding Executive Director of the Divine Exchange Ministry, Inc.  God has gifted this couple with vision to move this ministry forward and to assist with the healing process to hurting people; youth, adults and families.  Pastors Gary and Canzada have received intense and profound exegetical biblical studies under Pastors Charles and Dottie Schmitt and are currently continuing their studies through the most profound teachings of Pastor Wendy Y Smith Martin, Senior Pastor of Greater Victory Christian Center in Riverdale, GA.

Being steadfast in their mission and understanding their purpose, the Twymans visualizes what is desired in relations to the community and the body of Christ, which is to embrace, edify, encourage, educate, and empower the least of these; keeping this God giving vision firmly in their mindsets.

Pastor Garys dictum is:  Trust in the Lord and He will direct your path!

Pastor Canzadas dictum is:  It is in Him I live, in Him I move, He is my very being!

All that we are and All We Hope to be we owe to Jesus the Christ!

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Divine Exchange Ministry, Inc. is an integrative 501(c)(3) faith-based organization created to concentrate on life changing solutions for life controlling challenges.  We ENVISION developing a national and international long-term residential spiritual wellness prevention and treatment center to Rebuild, Restore, and Reconcile the lives of people for Jesus Christ.  And we will do just that by the grace of God and with the generous financial support of people like you.

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