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Teens: Drugs and Health

“16 and Recovering”: Where Are They Now? Messages of Hope For Those Looking To

Begin Their Own Recovery Journey

Source: News | Published on 2021-06-03



What Are the Signs of Having a Problem With Drugs?

Source: News | Published on 2021-01-04


Why Does NIDA Study Addiction in Teens?

Source: News | Published on 2020-12-14


“16 and Recovering”: How One School Supports Students On Their Road to Recovery

Source: News | Published on 2020-11-30


What’s the Connection Between Art and Brain Development?

Source: News | Published on 2020-11-16


Living With an Adult Who Has a Substance Use Problem

Source: News | Published on 2020-09-28


Miss America 2020 Talks With NIDA’s Director About Using Prescription Opioids Safely

Source: News | Published on 2020-09-14


Virtual Tools for Staying Healthy

Source: News | Published on 2020-08-24


Teens Ask: “Is There a Cure for Addiction?”

Source: News | Published on 2020-08-10 



This segment highlights the Women of Exchange B.A.D. Girls Expo, which is a component of Divine Exchange Ministry, Inc. You may watch this episode in it’s entirety which features interviews of participants from nationwide events as individuals, families, and entire communities celebrate Recovery Month, including the 2016 kick off news conference and National Recovery Month luncheon. These community events are the cornerstone of Recovery Month and involve educating, mentoring, and engaging others in supporting recovery. In addition, the episode highlights the positive and affirming message realized by millions of Americans: Behavioral health is essential to health, prevention works, treatment is effective, and people recover.

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