Our Prayer

Become a Purpose of Change!

Our prayer is for you to experience the unconditional love of God…  the God of all Grace, Greatness, and Goodness. 

May He anoint you with triple portions of fresh oil and hover His Spirit upon, among, and within you.  May He strengthen you to study His Word, that it may saturate your heart and renew your mind.  May He educate and empower you to effectively communicate to others with the everlasting HOPE that He has given to us all to persevere the challenges we have overcome and continue to overcome.

Furthermore, we pray that your family be strengthen and sustain the promises that God has given to all His people who believe and follow Him.  We speak blessings over your family, marriage, home, and ministry; speaking God’s peace and joy in your life, trusting that you will have an abundant life in Christ.  And each night you retire for rest, it is our prayer that you receive a pillow of peace and in your arising, your soul is restored through the power of the Holy Spirit.  We appreciate your love, time, service, and support.  Know that you are loved and cared for, so please beloved, continue to take care of yourself and be strong and of good courage in the Lord.


Pastor’s Gary & Canzada