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Rising Above Narcissistic Abuse

Your Navigational Journey to Freedom​

by Ina Johnson Myers

    Twelve women share their journeys from traumatizing abuse to freedom and purpose, as they help to empower women with the resources and strategies to navigate their own healing journey from trauma to triumph!

This book is your navigational journey to begin your healing process and step into the life of peace and freedom that you deserve The powerful stories shared in this book are meant to give a voice, hope, strength, and strategies to women who are suffering from the devastation of narcissistic abuse in silence.

Featuring: Dr. Canzada Twyman

Today I Choose Me

From Empty Nest to Full Throttle 

by Dr Lisa Lewis Ellis

      Every day we wake up, we have choices to make.  Do we go to work or do we stay home?  Do we get up now or do we sleep in late?  Do we tackle all the things on our agenda or do we take the top two items and call it a win?  Choices…

Often times as women, when we make choices we think of everyone else, but ourselves.  We think about our spouse.  We think about our children.  We think about our friends.  We think about our boss.  We think about our co-workers.  The last person we take into consideration is us…  Today I Choose Me: From Empty Nest to Full Throttle collaboratively unveils the story of five women that one pivotal day made their heroic choice to live a more balanced life, full throttle.  They wanted to be better.  To serve others better as mother, friend, employer, or co-worker.  But realizing in order to make that happen they had to choose to be the best version of themselves.  You may recognize yourself in them.  Be inspired, encouraged, and empowered to make heroic choices, such as…  Today I Choose My Faith…  Today I Choose My Finances…  Today I Choose My Freedom…  Today I Choose My Fight…  Today I Choose My Fervor…  Today I Choose Me.

Featuring: Dr. Canzada Twyman

Celebrate Life!

13 C’s To Spiritual Wellness

by Dr. Canzada Twyman

“Christ Centered Spiritual & Motivational Enhancement Recovery Curriculum”

 Who Is God? Who Am I?  Why Am I Here? Why Do I Act This Way?

These challenging questions are roots to the unhealthy long-sufferings many people are experiencing today.  Countless individuals have experience childhood abuse and traumas that destroys the development of spiritual wellness.  This publication limited release participant’s guide reveals 13 words beginning with the letter C that will guide individuals back on the right path to developing a healthy spiritual lifestyle. Each word unfolds the past, present, and future concept in a spiritual and clinical perspective.  God’s Truth is exposed to reveal the change process for a complete lifestyle of spiritual wellness.  Canzada Twyman is the Founding Executive Director of the Divine Exchange Ministry, Inc. (DEMI).  She is the wife of Gary A. Twyman, Sr., who is the Chief Executive Officer, and together they are life time partners; ministering in the rural and urban inner-city communities, providing a continuum of prevention and intervention educational services to the abused, disadvantaged, and underserved youth and adults.  Canzada is a survivor of sexual & substance abuse, trauma, domestic violence, and damaged emotions.  She is a daughter, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, and friend to many.  She is an ordained elder, author, teacher, preacher, and evangelist, who has obtained a Master of Human Service degree, Master Advance Counseling Certification in Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Clinical Supervision. She is an International Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug/Co-Occurring Disorders Professional Diplomat and a National Training Provider for NAADAC,  The Association for Addictions Professionals.  She is indeed an AGENT of CHANGE, who serves diligently in her local church, faith-based communities, the human and social service public health arena, for the past 18+ years.  She is forever grateful to the Almighty God and all those who serve, support, and understand her God-given visions.

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