Today I Choose Me From Empty Nest to Full Throttle



Every day we wake up, we have choices to make. Do we go to workor do we stay home? Do we get up now or do we sleep in late? Do wetackle all the things on our agenda or do we take the top two items andcall it a win? Choices.Often times as women, when we make choices we think of everyoneelse but ourselves. We think about our spouse. We think about our children.We think about our friends. We think about our boss. We thinkabout our co-workers. The last person we take into consideration is us.“Today I Choose Me: From Empty Nest to Full Throttle” book collaborativeunveils the story of five women that one pivotal day made theirheroic choice to live a more balanced life, full throttle. They wanted tobe better. To serve others better as mother, friend, employer, orco-worker. But realizing in order to make that happen they had tochoose to be the best version of themselves. You may recognize yourselfin them. Be inspired, encouraged, and empowered to make heroicchoices, such as:• Today I Choose…My Faith• Today I Choose…My Finances• Today I Choose…My Freedom• Today I Choose…My Fight• Today I Choose…My FervorToday I Choose Me.