Your Purpose Matters


We are NOT here to impress GOD, or others.  We are NOT here to be dazzled, by talent or techniques or tricks or personalities.  We are NOT here to measure ourselves. To make comparisons to make excuses to succumb to facility envy or GADGET LUST.  We are NOT here to sing, we are here to WORSHIP.  We are NOT here to create, recreate, rewrite, or reinvent the GOSPEL.  We are here to ECHO it.  We are here to SURRENDER our gifts to GOD and our creativity to the CREATOR.  We are here to share are HEARTS our VISION, our LIVES and OUR creative callings.  We are here to GROW in KNOWLEDGE, GROW in PERSPECTIVE and GROW in LOVE.  We are here to ECHO the GOSPEL, echo the way, echo the truth, echo the life, echo the alpha, echo the omega, echo the lamb, echo the KING, echo the ONE who is COMING again.  WE ARE HERE TO echo with our lives, with our passion, with our dreams, with the work of our hands, because WE ARE THE WORK OF HIS HANDS.  WE ARE HERE TO ECHO!

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